Maximize your claim and
protect your interests
When a disaster strikes your home or business,
don't take on the insurance company alone!
The insurance company has its' own adjusters,
experts and attorney all working hard to protect
the insurance company's interests.

Shouldn't you have someone working just as hard
on your side to protect
your interests and to
maximize your claim?

Don't settle for less!
Property managers
There's no substitute for experience
With over twenty (20) years' experience handling all types of property damage claims ranging from small
common events to catastrophic major losses; my experience, skill and knowledge in adjusting claims affords my
clients with  a significant advantage when dealing with their claim(s). In addition, it is important to me to listen to
my clients, learn about their specific needs and get to know them in order for me to fully answers to their
questions, properly represent their interests and provide the best possible service in their time of need.  
Successful results
Not all claims are created equal and not all claims have
successful outcomes.  Often times it takes someone with
experience, knowledge and artful negotiation skills to
achieve the best results. That's where I come in with the
professional guidance and help you need to ensure
successful results in the settlement of your claim.

When hiring me as your representative, you can expect:

  • Free initial consultation and coverage review

  • No fees until your claim is paid

  • Detailed inspection & evaluation of your loss

  • Fully documented claim supported with photos,
    diagrams and estimate(s)

  • An advocate who has your best interests in mind
    throughout the claim process

  • Skilled negotiation for favorable settlements

  • Local expertise and contractor referral assistance
Warren M. Jewer, SPPA, AIC, AINS, AIS
Public Insurance Adjuster
P.O. Box 3675
South Attleboro, MA 02703
P: (508) 761-8800
F: (508) 761-8801
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I offer full service claims adjusting
services for property owners. My
job is to represent the best
interests of my client and
maximize the amount of their
claim settlement. My goal is to
gain a satisfied customer for life!   
As a former insurance company
adjuster and claims manager, I
have the necessary skills and
background to accurately
determine the sound value of a
loss and to be fair and impartial in
the execution of my duties as an
Appraiser or Umpire.  
During my career I have gained
extensive experience managing
claims and have handled
countless cases involved in the
litigation process. My consulting
services include writing opinion  
reports, testifying in depositions
and at trial.
Claims Adjusting
Expert Witness
Appraisal - Umpire
Whatever type of home you own;
single-family or multi- family,
condo or estate... bad things can
happen to any of them. When it
does, I'm just a call away to
provide you with the help and
support you need to file a claim
and start down the path to
getting your home, and finances,
back in order quickly.
Businesses present their own
unique challenges when it
comes to handling claims for
property damage and loss of
business income. Having an
experienced public adjuster on
your team when a loss arises is
essential to protecting your
business' interests and the
bottom line.
Property manager's deal with a lot of
stress in their jobs on a daily basis.
Working with a reputable public
adjuster helps lessen the additional
stress that comes when a property
loss occurs. Whether you manage
multi-unit apartment complexes,
condominium associations,
commercial spaces, or all of the
above; let's work together in the
client's best interest.
(508) 761-8800
Serving policyholders in MA & RI